Katastrophe Vol. 3
reviewed in CMJ

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One cold and rainy morning all of zmrzlina got together at the studio where I work to get a long-distance conference call from Nina in London. We had a splendid chat and hope to stay in her flat when we get there...

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Katastrophe Vol.3 Reviewed in CMJ - check it out

Katastrophe Vol.3 Reviewed in SFweekly
(Wednesday, November 21, 2001)

by David Cook

Listening to Katastrophe Vol. 3, the newest offering from S.F. band Zmrzlina, is like going to a theater to see a noir thriller and getting David Lynchian oddness instead. The music on the group's sophomore effort is so lush and seductive that you wish it wouldn't insist so vehemently on being Art. And yet... (read it)

RE: VH1's Fan Club
(Friday, November 17, 2001)

VH1's FanClub: Stevie Nicks is scheduled to air again on Sunday, December 23, 2001 at 10 PM. This episode features an appearance by The Magical Chiffons, Zmrzlina's alter-ego #2, (see below.) None of us have cable so if you feel like taping it or just inviting us over for a TV party, drop us a line.

Zmrzlina Newsletter #5
(Thursday, November 16, 2001)

Zmrz on VH1
Zmrzlina has been hibernating. Like little bears in a cubbyhole filled up with woodchips, baby teeth (Elis) and Popsicle wrappers. Working on material for their next new, new album "Flowers and Superpowers." Hopefully it will be recorded and out sometime before 20003. Something to keep you busy for now is…

Watching Zmrzlina on VH1. Yes, Zmrzlina was and will be on VH1 again. Well, it is our alter ego, the bratty prankster in us, The Magical Chiffons. Most of you know the story. We crashed a Stevie Nicks convention, downtown SF, got unceremoniously ejected, set up outside and the VH1 crew filmed and interviewed us. The one minute edited version of us is on a show called Fanclub, and I think it is going to air 1AM this Friday Morning. For those who are like me, Friday Morning really means Thursday late night so don’t forget to set your VCR’s and please make us a tape because none of us have cable… we do have CDs…

Our new CD Katastrophe Vol. 3 has been circulating around the nation and in Europe as well. You can visit our website and email us and we will get you a copy. Or… ask your local record shop to order it from Revolver. Don’t be shy we need the money….especially since…

Our Roland SH101 Analogue Keyboard was stolen from our studios. If you have an extra one lying around we will buy it from you (unless it is ours). Also in the market for other keyboards analogue and digital.

Our new CD is also being played on radio stations such as KUSF and WFMU. A big shout out to the other stations who have added our album to the play list. We are now a whopping #198 on the CMJ top 200. Just in time to celebrate this event by watching some Meager Beavers….

The Zmrzlina girls, Heather, Ashley, and Tracy have something going on called Meager Beavers (don’t go there). It is a performance art piece they are performing Tuesday Night 9PM at SF Art Institute’s café, Chestnut Street. It is part of a show curated by local artist Liz Cohen and Natasha Garcia Lomas. Info at www.detour888.com You know I am not sure what it is all about, but you can guess it will be brilliant and funny as hell. Mark and I tried to join the performance troop by dressing up in our tutus but we were fended off by the girls by cattle prods and femininity… we will all be back with the band and playing these tentative yet sort of definite dates….

Saturday, January, 12th. Bottom of the Hill with Beth Custer Friday, January 25th at Adobe Books. A celebration of the artists who worked on the CD. Free Show. Saturday February 23rd, Location TBA. A benefit for The Pond Gallery. Expect an amazing line up for this… We will keep you informed.

A big shout out to the Europeans in the house. We have had one kind offer from a Stockholm resident to trade an apartment with us next summer. We need more offers, please,especially offers from Denmark… Most of us live in the hip and no so swanky Mission District. It at least has the best people and the best food. Hey, you. The guy who lives in Denmark who has a recording studio, out in the country outside of Copenhagen, who spilled beer on my mini disc recorder at Loppen. I know you are on this email list. Not sure which one though Get back to us. We need to talk to you. Please. We need favors. Please.

Sorry for this unedited quickly put together rant but I had to get the VH1 news out so go watch the special.

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