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Zmrzlina Newsletter #9.65
(Sept 9, 2002)

Next few shows couldn't be more eclectic, both in venue, and our set. This
Friday, in town, at The Lab, we will play a short set on the experimental
side. The following Friday, Sept. 20th in Tuscon Arizona, probably a more
straight ahead set, ), and then back in SF on Weds, October 8th... at Great
American Music Hall we play a set more on the post punk side of Zmrzlina.
Below are the details....

The Living Laboratory Presents:
Music from the Mission. Curated by Jeff Ray and Beth Custer.

The show is at The Lab. 2948 16th St. Friday September 13th, 7Pm - 1AM.

Music From the Mission is part of the Living LABoratory, a month long nterdisciplinary exhibition at the LAB gallery. During the month of August a team of Mission artists investigated and excavated the Mission, bringing back artifacts, documentation and artworks to create a site-specific environment that, in conjunction with gallery hours, will host an array of events, including music, dance, spoken word, video and film presentations. Come and see how the essence of the Mission has been captured in multiple perspectives and mediums, transforming the gallery space into an interactive laboratory.

Bob Ostertag
Rubber O Cement
Hans Grucel's Krankencabinet
The Deep Throats
Kung fu USA
Horse thief Jack...
Jamez L. Smith, Poet, DJ, Infinite Soul

Hello Tucson!
Friday, Sept. 20th, 9PM,
All Ages, Solar Culture Gallery 31 E. Toole, Tuscon, AZ.
Ashley's and Michael's Wedding celebration show featuring...

Interpol (NY)
Zmrzlina (SF)
Milk Chopper (SF)

The Fall w/ Zmrzlina

Weds. October 9th, 8Pm
The Great American Music Hall :
859 O'Farrell Street/ @Polk. SF

The Fall

Okay, this time we mean it!

The Fall w/ Zmrzlina
Sunday April 7
Tuesday April 9

Door 8:30 / Show 9:00 (sharp)

The Great American Music Hall,
859 O'Farrell St., San Francisco CA

The Freaking FALL!! Yes, its true. No we can't believe it either. Come see the spectacle in all its glory. We'll be joined by local psychotics Chris Johansen and Liz Albee. Oh, and of course, all of you...

SLEAZENATION Publishes Interview and Review.
One cold and rainy morning all of zmrzlina got together at the studio where I work to get a long-distance conference call from Nina in London. We had a splendid chat and hope to stay in her flat when we get there...

Read the Cool and Flashy Interview in Sleazenation.

Katastrophe Vol.3 Reviewed in CMJ - check it out

Zmrzlina Newsletter #6
(Saturday, February 2, 2002)

Yes... It has been awhile. Zmrzlina has been spending a lot of time with their friends and family over the holidays. We have also been working on lots new music for various projects. So you are probably wondering when the next shows are and why should you go to them.

Saturday March 2nd
Noise Pop show at Café Du Nord
Moldy Peaches Zmrzlina Built Like Alaska

Well it is time to go out and get these tickets now since it will probably sell out. Moldy Peaches are semi-famous for touring with the Strokes. Better known in more hip circles as the purveyors of the East Village "anti folk," movement. Yes, you old folksy farts, no more Baez singing about chirping birds, tulips or Cumberland Gaps in Village cafés or clubs like "The 5th Peg." It's Moldy Peaches singing at The Sidewalk Café asking the important questions... like who's got the crack? Here's a slice of their genius from their song, " Steak for Chicken," goes something like this:

Who mistook the Steak for Chicken?
Who am I gonna stick my dick in?
We're not those kids, sitting on the couch.
My former life I had a sister
I abused her and I dissed her
She got caught up in a twister
First I laughed then I missed her
Who mistook the bath for shower?
Who fucked up that leaning tower?

Now they bring their lovely selves with their lovely songs to The Café Du Nord. Built like Alaska. I like them. From Modesto, they create a nice lush sound that borders on a little more alt-country version of Grandaddy. They are nice. Noise Pop has a fabulous line up please visit their website at www.noisepop.com

Weds. March 13th
Benefit for The Pond Gallery
Bottom of the Hill
Erase Errata
The Numbers

(Zmrzlina will not be playing but we will be there with bells on. It is a great line up!)

The Pond Gallery = A fine piece of art work is to be found there on any given day. Sometimes their art is a photo of some weird fuzzy stuffed animal object in someone's butt, sometimes it is pulsating with vibrant colors and little weird chirps, sometimes it is an installation by Air Purity Corporation warning you about the dangers of chemicals and vermin invading your home and messing with your clean lifestyle. Whatever it is, it is conceptual and for those who suffered like I did through the horrors of Art History, conceptual means that you don't make any money creating or showing this sort of art. You could not find this kind of art around the whole East Village Folk Movement back in the 60's. You probably would have found some sort of macramé wall hanging instead.

Thursday March 14th
Bottom of the Hill
Bardo Pond
90 Day Men

We wrote a song about mixing up Bardo Pond and Bevis Frond and it is called Bardo Frond. We will of course be playing this song for this occasion. Some of the lyrics:

Bardo Frond
Bevis Pond
Singing songs
to your bong
Sometimes I’m right
Sometimes I'm wrong
I get them mixed up

Bardo Frond is deep murky psychedelia. Heavy duty indeed. On Matador and a Terrascope regular. Coming back or on the way to Sonic Youth's curated LA festival, All Tomorrow's Parties. I am not sure about the other bands. The show does start early, 8pm. Be there because this might sell out as well. Check your 6 foot Toke Masters at the door.

May 26th- June 1st
Mission Creek Music Festival

The currently being organized by the Zmrzlina crew. Believe it or not half of it is already figured out the other half??? We need some bands to send us some music / press packets. More details later.


That is it for the shows for now. We have some ones coming up in April and May but haven't figured out the line up or the exact dates.

But wait, there are other shows and exciting news about Zmrzlina in Europe...

Friday June 14th 11PM
Hultsfred Festival

We will be playing on the St. Dansbanan stage. It is a big stage and fits a lot of people in there so please come by and say hello. Swedish friends we love you and if you want to have Zmrzlina in you very own home we are looking for places to stay...

The Swedish newspaper Torsdag, recently rated our CD as one of the best of the year and our live show as #2 best performance (right under Bob Dylan who although was a part of the above mentioned East Village Folk scene he was and still is a musical genius and hero). Pay your respect.

A special message to the Europeans out there. Please forward this newsletter or just the above info above to all of your European friends. We need people to go to our shows and buy our albums and give us places to stay. Not much to ask from a bunch of
*poor artistic types.

We are going back into the studio in hopes of putting out an Ep before our big European trip. There might be Swedish songs and Wizards involved.

Speaking of wizards... Jeff Ray (as in me), and the great local director/ actress Jean Spinosa are starting write the psychedelic rock opera, Vibe Farm. If all goes well. It will be a comedic outlook on the whole neo hippy New Age movement. Yes there may be a Joan Baez character ala The outdated East Village Folk Scene. Zmrzlina will be writing the music. We are looking for players. Speaking of looking for players....

P.S. Brad Stark was nice enough to have us on his label, Incidental Music, and he was nice enough to have a couple of other fine bands on his label as well. None of the EVF scene crap but great stuff like Rovo, and Elders of Zion. Check out their impressive stats on the website www.incindentalmusic.com. Brad was also nice enough to give me a nickname, "Sports Cat," that I like so I will go by either that from now on or by my birth name. *We are broke again. If you now any rich people that want to sponsor the art of arty music then send them our way. We need to get the music to the people man. Just like they did back in the days of The East Village Folk scene.

Love, Zmrzlina www.zmrzlina.com

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