Katastrophe Vol. 3
reviewed in CMJ

Upcoming Shows - 2002

When Where What Place Who's on the bill?
Mar. 14 San Francisco, CA the Bottom of the Hill Bardo Pond, Fursaxa, 90 Day Men
Apr. 7 San Francisco, CA the Great American Music Hall the FALL!!!!
Apr. 9 San Francisco, CA the Great American Music Hall the FALL!!!!
Apr. 13 Oakland, CA Starry Plough Troll, She Mob
Apr. 20 San Francisco, CA El Rio- SF Music Expo - Benefit Party Deerhoof, Kelly Stoltz
May 24 San Francisco, CA Hemlock Tavern A-Tension
May 25 - June 2 San Francisco, CA 6th Annual Mission Creek Music Festival www.mcmf.org
Aug. 15
San Francisco, CA
Nate Denver's Neck and Kelly Stoltz
Aug. 31
San Francisco, CA
Guru & Zero [Gong + Acid Mothers Temple!!]
Sept. 20
Tucson, AZ
Oct. 9
San Francisco, CA
the FALL!!!!
Oct. 25, Friday
San Francisco, CA
Bay Area Now Show - Opening Party
Oct. 27, Sunday
San Francisco, CA
Clarion Alley Festival, SF 12-6pm - 5:00 set
Bands and Muralists from SF's Mission
Oct. 30, Wednesday
New York, NY
Bee and Flower + others

Countdown to Sweden!

Juni 14 Hultsfred, SE Rockparty! Dansban cancelled

Download the Fall poster as an Acrobat PDF.

Last Summer's Tour
2001 in Scandinavia

When Where What Place Who
Aug. 11, 2001 Emmaboda, Sweden Rasslebygd Emmaboda Blåser mellan öronen
Aug. 14, 2001 Stockholm, Sweden Tantogarden With Circle (Finland)
Aug. 16, 2001 Malmo, Sweden KB With Circle (Finland)
Aug. 17, 2001 Copenhagen, Denmark Loppen With Circle (Finland)
Aug. 18, 2001 Alborg, Denmark 1000 fyds With Circle (Finland)
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