Katastrophe Vol. 3
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There aren't many of these hand-made packages left so get one soon.
...Too busy/lazy too see live shows anymore, I have repeatedly missed seeing this local group who have been playing around the Bay Area for a couple of years already. This is a really WONDERFUL debut which sounds like Capt. Beefheart crossed with the Thinking Fellers. Packaged in a beautiful mini menu!
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Skipping through pull-top alleyways with a belly full of monkeyshine, Zmrzlina flits between delirious syncopation and sleepytime bedroom fuzz, filling the gaps between Fuck and Uz Jsme Doma. "Jacked-up rear lovely UFO almond eyes big oval head don't prod me with that silver stick," sings Jeff Ray on the band's self-titled release, a fetching CD packaged in clear vinyl by Dr. Seuss' ice cream man.

"I'm standing there/ Dancing around in my underwear/ Got my glasses on/ I look kind of strange," he admits, with an armful of musical laughing gas that's catchy and head-bouncy, but tangled up with a surly gang of brooding violins, harmoniums, and surveillance devices that abduct Capp Street confrontations and tinkling ice cream carts for our own peculiar pleasure (Zmrzlina means "ice cream" in Czech, if that helps). Complemented and opposed by the vocals of drummer Heather Snider and violinist Tracy Harkins, Ray shares,

"Bought some condoms at bulk discount/ Now they're old and unsafe ... I want my money back/ But not from the store/ I want my money back from the whore," and advises,

"Steal the neighbors' chicken/ Steal the neighbors' pot/ If they start to get suspicious/ Offer them the fish you caught." But things are not always so breezy on Zmrzlina's side of town. "Get out of the Mission," they drone, sounding a little like X, Hallowed Ground-era Violent Femmes, the Fall, and the Mekons, with a looming residential neurosis. But they're stranger than that, and funnier, like the mystery fruit at the Indian Bazaar (which also sells ice cream). Zmrzlina is going back into the studio with producer Joe Goldring (Tarnation, Steel Pole Bathtub) and some friends...

Silke Tudor
House of Tudor December 15, 1999 SFWeekly(Music and Arts)
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