Katastrophe Vol. 3
reviewed in CMJ

Himalayan Mess Tent - ep


Swiss Song (Remixed by Ants Climb Tree)

Himalayan Mess Tent - w/ recordings by Bessie Oakley and drumming by Joe Goldring

Psychedick Brue Glass - (Remixed by Sean Dorn)

First there's a lush, electronic, brand-new groove thing - 'Swiss Song'. It features Heather on vocals and a spaced-age remix by the incredible team "Ants Climb Tree." Next is 'Himalayan Mess Tent', a long psychedelic jam featuring field recordings from Sikkim by Bessie Oakley, and drumming by Joe Goldring. Finally, there's a re-sampled, dubbed out version of 'Psychedelic Blue Grass' - surgically altered and reconstructed by Dr. Sean Dorn. We call it 'Psychodelick Brue Glass'.

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